Shaping a start-up’s brand in order to scale

For a majority of companies, the war for talents is a daily reality. In order to link companies with the talent market, the upcoming start-up needed a branding strategy to reach the most ambitious students from the university.

Together with the client, our team developed the general communication guideline including evolving the company’s values and the target group as well as establishing a remarkable slogan tailor-made for the target group accompanied by matching marketing materials.

Under the brand slogan „you are more“ (original: “du bist mehr”) a significant amount of the best students of leading German universities (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich/Munich School of Management, Technical University Munich (TUM)) were prompted to sign up in order to offer their abilities via the platform to interested companies on real-world consulting projects.

Hereby, the slogan “you are more” not only referred to the higher chances in the job market after participating on the platform and working on real case consulting cases instead of repetitive tasks as interns or working students, but also presented the students with their higher opportunities: more learning opportunities, more contacts, more money – and most important more freedom in choosing their own life-path.

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