Revitalising a hospital’s public image by conceptualizing a branding strategy

Facing multiple challenges, such as a lack of awareness among patients and competition from other clinics, orthopaedic hospital Annatommie MC wanted to be top of mind in the (social) media again to improve the position of the medical specialists. Their ambition is to strengthen the image as a clinic for the patients.

Especially challenging for the private clinic with 280 employees in 8 locations is the relatively small media budget which demands creative organic growth.

The project concluded with recommendations regarding the marketing and branding strategy of the company. In the first place, this is achieved by building strong media relations. Contacting journalists through press releases and other avenues and keeping them updated on developments within the clinic is one step towards a more visible brand. Building upon that, a stronger digital presence through the website and social media leverages the ‘new’ visibility. A focus should be laid on creating higher engagement and staying relevant in the media. This entails posting regularly and staying consistent in communicating the desired brand image.

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