Aligning a brand’s story with the craves of the target group

When considering experienced landscape specialists in the Netherlands, there is no way around De Bloeimeesters. The group of 12 quickly grew to be the first team with such diverse knowledge regarding gardening – and this did not go unnoticed in the Dutch media.

The sudden explosion of media attention required the brand to look at itself differently: how can the company optimize the process of serving the customer? De Bloeimeesters’ solution: The website needed a fresh look.

However, it does not stop there. For a website to transmit the desired brand image and create conversion, it is vital to come up with a storyline that immediately hooks the target group. Thus, it is crucial that the target group is clearly defined. Non-biased target group definition can be challenging, especially when it has not been top-of-mind before. This is where we came in for help.

We created a storyline based on what the team truly masters: gardening design in its holistic form. By visiting the website the target group is immediately engaged with the brand and impressed by the immense knowledge and expertise of the team. Thereby, we not only helped to position De Bloeimeesters as THE expert in gardening in the Netherlands but also to drive conversion right from their website by appealing storytelling.

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